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Rebecca's First Time Driving the RV

Rebecca’s First Time Driving the RV

Since Rebecca drove a truck and trailer for her touring theater job in New York City, she’s been ready to try her hand at driving the RV. Dave is giving her a driving lesson as we head to the Redwood National Park this morning  – which gives me some time to catch up on blog entries and edit photos at our “kitchen” table as we head North on the less challenging Route 101. How cool is that?

It is really helpful to have someone assist the driver in making sure the GPS matches cell and print maps, read signs and have an extra pair of eyes for merging lanes and Dave and Rebecca are happily taking care of getting us to the next destination.

Adding photos, painting and blog posts in a timely fashion makes it much more critical to stop in places where we have internet and electricity. So. we’ve changed the location where we will stay next – in an RV park just outside of the Redwoods National Park.

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