Unusual paradise in the Sonoran Desert

Kathy WIllis

Kathy Willis

The Tucson area is blessed with are a plethora of parks to paint in, all within 5 to 45 minutes of my RV! National parks include Saguaro East and West. Coronado National Forest offers intriguing vistas at Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemmon. The Santa Catalina Mountains hold Catalina State Park and several smaller recreation areas. Pima County is dotted with spots like Tucson Mountain Park, Honeybee Canyon Park, Sentinel Peak, and parks along most of the washes (what they call the dry river beds here). And I haven’t even begun to explore the urban parks yet.

Paradise in the Desert

Paradise in the Desert

Today, TPAPS member Kathy Willis joined me at one of most unusual sites I’ve seen yet. Aqua Caliente Park, which was once part of a ranch and later a mineral-hot-springs retreat, comprises many acres of large trees, several ponds, shaded picnic areas, and beautiful views of the mountains. Although it was a rather chilly morning, the clear sky and still reflections on the water made it one of my favorite painting spots of the month.

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