Studio works

Some scenes I’ve painted on site en plein air lend themselves to larger format works developed in my studio.

I also enjoy the more traditional Technique Mixte painting form, a methodology that dates back to Northern Renaissance masters like Hubert and Jan van Eyck. Working in a large format, I apply many layers of thin glazes over a complete value study to add richness and depth to the finished work.

Remnants of a Copper Mine

Morning at Peggy's Cove

Prairie Jewels - Technique Mixte

Morning Sentry at Fisherman's Warf

Wild Blooms at the Cemetery

Take a Bite

Road Trip #9 - Tight Squeeze on South Fork Road

Road Trip #10 - The Granduc Mine Road to Salmon Glacier

Road Trip #8 - Alaska Highway, Sweet Peas Along Kluane Lake

Bow River along Castle Mountain

Lemon and Limes

Matanuska Valley

Autumn Leaves

Lyn's Iris

Beck's Lilies

The Buffalo River Winds it's Way to the Grand Teton National Park

Becky and Botswana's Baobabs

Early Morning Canoe Ride on Lake Louise

Sunrise at Schwabacher Landing

Reflections on Music

Color Study