Reflections Collection

It seems we are all drawn by reflections in water; they tend to slow us down, turn our familiar world on end, and maybe even leave us with some new insights.

Painting reflections from a lake or seaside scene is one of my favorite challenges as a landscape painter, for the images are continually affected by the surroundings, depth and clarity of the water, and even a whisper of a breeze.

A Three Moose Morning at Silver Lake

Morning Reflections

The Glorious Tetons

Mount Moran Morning

Morning at Peggy's Cove

Picton Castle Docked

Luminous Lunenburg

Digging for Oysters on Long Creek

Freedom at the Zwicker Dock

The Swimming Rock

Rockwood Municipal Park

Noisy Serenity

Fishing with the Sunrise #8

September Morning Pond

Valdez Harbor

More Than Boats Float Here

Rainy Day Paintout

Morning Fog at Mendenhall Glacier

Auke Village Bay

Painting Under Fire at Mud Lake

Reflections of the Mentasta Mountains

Sunrise at Schwabacher Landing

Mt Moran at String Lake

Gros Ventre River

Morning at Jenny Lake

Reflections on Music

Greek Fishing Boat

Evening on Boya Lake