Central USA Collection

Another artist once told me, “When I moved to Ohio from the West, I had to learn how to paint greens.”

A representational painter must play close attention to value and hue to make what seems to be a simple scene “sing”.

Asters and Goldenrod

St. Luke Sunrise

Dry Creek Road Barn

Prairie Jewels - Technique Mixte

The Pump House

Brilliance on a Gloomy Day

Wild Blooms at the Cemetery

Prairie Pathway

Cat Run Ranch Flower Garden

Main Street Granville

Prairie Jewels

Wild Blooms at the Cemetery

Orchard House B & B #2

Orchard House B & B

The Clock Maker's House

Hulshizer Historic House

Reflections on the Cuyahoga River

Path at Pilgrim Hills

The Spicy Lamb Farm

September Morning Pond

Sunday Morning at the Granary

Clouds Breaking Over Don Cheadle's Farm

Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave - Fall

Red Barns

Iron's Apple Farm

Lakeside Hotel Garden

Cedars at Caesar Creek Lake