Wanna come out and play… err… paint?

My two months in the desert are almost over, and I feel that this time in Tucson has been a very successful initial run of the 2013 Plein Air Odyssey. I have been warmly received by members of the Tucson Plein Air Painters Society, who introduced me to many excellent painting sites around town. We’ve shared numerous plein air stories, and I’m pleased to count a number of these wonderful people as new friends. Our few weeks have passed incredibly quickly, exceeding my expectations in every way.

Now I look forward with enthusiastic anticipation, eager to make friends with many more artists as my journey turns west and north.

In early March, Dave & I will leave our RV here in Tucson and fly home for a month, where we’ll visit family & friends, complete some studio work (me) and do the taxes (Dave). We begin the next leg of our journey in early April when we fly back to restock and drive to Monterey California for the 2nd Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo.

Alexey shouts, "We should wear wet suits to paint in this weather!"

Alexey Steele shouts, “We should wear wet suits to paint in this weather!”

I can’t think of a better way to continue this odyssey than spending time with over 500 artists passionate about working outdoors! Although painting is generally a solitary endeavor, when we join with others to share knowledge, feedback, techniques and motivation, we not only enhance our painting experience, but the very art itself. I recall with glee the inspiring sight of many artists battling torrential rain at last year’s 1st Plein Air Convention in – of all places – Las Vegas!

Our itinerary for the next 6 months is set, and I need your help to connect with artists along the way. Are you located someplace along our path? Do you know any other artists who live in the vicinity of one of my stops? Please use my Contact form to send a quick note. I hope that I can meet or even paint with you as I’m passing through your area!

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  1. Hi Susi,
    Not sure if you remember me, but we met last year in the Adirondacks. I just saw your article in the Plein Air Magazine (online) and had to check out your trip plans. You’re living my fantasy – to travel the country in a RV and paint as you go! I’ll look forward to reading about your adventures. Happy trails and happy painting!
    Sharon Will

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    1. Hi Sharon – what a blast we last year – it’s one of things I will really miss while on this plein air journey. I must admit it’s a little different dreaming about this trip – which I did for a while – than it is actually making it happen. Thanks for dropping in on the site!

      Comment by Susi (Post author) Reply ↓
  2. What a fun idea! In fact, it’s exactly what I want to be doing not too many years from now. I’m on the east coast so I can’t connect during your trip, but happy painting!

    Comment by Theresa Grillo Laird Reply ↓
    1. If this works out well, I’d love to do the same type of trip up the Northeaster USA and Canada – perhaps we could paint then.

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  3. Your travel plans are amazing and I wish I could be doing the same. This Spring I have Ohio art-stuff obligations and in the Summer I will be having several family-stuff goings-on… like an August reunion in Oregon…but I most likely will be in Montana with newest grandchild, near Missoula, at some point in late July or August. We are less than an hour away from Glacier, near the Bob Marshall. Maybe I could get away for some painting with you then.
    Happy travels!
    As ever,

    Comment by Martha Carmody Reply ↓
    1. Hi Martha,
      I have you in my calendar to contact about 2 weeks before we arrive in Glacier. It would be great to meet – how can we go wrong with such fantastic views???

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  4. Hi, Suzie! I am SO sad…..I was in the Phoenix area for two weeks and just returned home to Ohio. I was headed to Tucson to meet friends and they had to cancel so I decided not to go. If only I had known you were there!!! This trip sounds like a dream. Has Dave taken up painting? For some reason, I only get your blogposts about every 6 months…. 🙁 Best of luck!!!

    Comment by Ruth Ann Sturgill Reply ↓
    1. What a bummer! We even have a pull out couch that you could’ve slept on. This week you missed the rain and snow and freezing temps – just like home!

      Dave is still into photography and web design – and I definitely appreciate his expertise! I’m sorry our paths didn’t cross, but check out my 2013 Odyssey Map and you’ll pretty much know where I am until the middle of September.

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