Art truckin’

Kurt-Jacobson-and his-magnificent-truck

Kurt-Jacobson-and his-magnificent-truck

Although the Painted Ladies arranged bus transportation to all of the sites and events, as a last minute attendee I was left out—and therefore had the pleasure of riding shotgun with Kurt Jacobson in his “famous” art truck that was used to haul everyone’s equipment. Kurt acquired the truck at a sheriff’s auction and then allowed a group of students to paint it for an art fundraiser last year. It took them ten hours to complete the artwork, and Kurt say that he loves to drive it everywhere. Not surprisingly, he occasionally he gets text messages saying, “I saw your truck today at….”.

Kurt Jacobson's iris field painting

Kurt Jacobson’s iris field painting

Like me, Kurt began painting later in life and now finds art an essential part of his life. On the return trip from Eklutna Lake, we stopped at the iris field on the Knik River Flats along the Glenn Highway, and had a blast as we challenged each other to a 40 minute “quick quick draw”.

The best part about riding with Alaskan born Kurt was all the interesting history and stories he shared while we drove to each painting site. I learned bits and pieces about the communities we passed through and many fascinating stories about growing up in Alaska. Thanks, Kurt!

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  1. Susi, it was a pleasure to have you riding and painting with me. What fun. Looking forward to reading your adventures.

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