USA Northwest Collection

Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Teton are three of my favorite USA National Parks.

Each day offers an impressionistic painter new delights and artistic challenges—in addition to sharing the “plein air” with grazing bison, curious mountain goats, nervous moose, and the occasional bear.

Morning Reflections

Mount Moran Morning

Coulter Bay

Homage to Ansel Adams: Snake River Overlook

Moose Hangout

The Glorious Tetons

Still Melting

A Beaver's Condo

Teton Valley View

Wonderful Wild Flowers

A Three Moose Morning at Silver Lake

Road Trip #9 - Tight Squeeze on South Fork Road

Multnomah Falls

Mount Hood and Jantzen Beach Harbor

More Than Boats Float Here

Stryker Vineyard

Russian River in Alexander Valley

Windswept Edge

Sun kissed Cliffs at The Golden Gate Bridge

The Buffalo River Winds it's Way to the Grand Teton National Park

Sunrise at Schwabacher Landing

View from String Lake

Glorious Morning After the Storm

Mt Moran at String Lake

Sunrise on Mormon Way

Early Morning at Gros Ventre Road # 4

Sitting Bull Campground

Morning at Jenny Lake

Gros Ventre River

Sunrise at Gros Ventre River #1

Sunrise at Gros Ventre River #2

Falls to Jenny Lake

View from the Boardwalk of Beauty Pool

Sunrise at Cedar Pass Campground