Sunrises and Sunsets Collection

The “golden hour” as the sun first appears and just before it sets can produce magical colors and deep textures in the landscape.

In addition  to making a good composition, when painting a sunrise or sunset  one must record the colors in one’s mind—the changes in the light happen so quickly.

Morning Sky # 2- John Kennedy Park

Goodbye Moon - Morning Sky #4

Fishing with the Sunrise #8

Sunrise at Lover's Point

Desert Museum Wash 2

Sunset on Sweetwater

Sunset at Osgood Pond

Sunset at Clover Pass

Dusk View of Santa Rica Mountains

Sunrise at Hellhole Canyon

Sunrise Hitting Chollas

Sunday Morning at the Granary

Sunrise at Gros Ventre River #1

Sunrise at Gros Ventre River #2

Sitting Bull Campground

Glorious Morning After the Storm

Early Morning at Gros Ventre Road # 4

Sunrise at Dyer Island View B & B

Morning Sunrise

Sunrise on Mormon Way

Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge

Moormans River Overlook