Seascapes and Harbors Collection

“I was hard at work beneath the cliff, well sheltered from the wind… convinced that the tide was drawing out I took no notice of the waves which came and fell a few feet away from me. In short, absorbed as I was, I didn’t see a huge wave coming; it threw me against the cliff and I was tossed about in its wake along with all my materials!”

These words from Claude Monet speak to all plein air artists that experience painting the delightfully fickle sea.

Picton Castle Docked

Blue Rocks Morning

Grounded at Sunset

My Last Newfoundland Sunrise

Luminous Lunenburg

Red Boats at White Point

View of La Scie

Northport Lighthouse

Southern View of Trinity

Fogged In

Lobster Cove Lighthouse

Woody Harbour View

Trout River Pond

Davis Cove - Road Trip #15

Deep Cove Beach

White Boats and Red Buoys

Alma Harbor Sunrise

Cutler Harbor

Bass Harbor Lighthouse

A Great View in Acadia

Morning Sentry at Fisherman's Warf

McWay Falls

What a View!

China Cove

The Other side of China Cove

Sunrise at Lover's Point

Parry Bay

Chilkat River Valley

38th Street View of Cozumel Beach

Tide's Coming In

Blue Heron's Night Spot on the Dock

Punta Cana Beach

View from Patmos Island

Mossel Bay Overlooking the Outeniqua Mountains

Playa del Carmen Beach

38th Street Looking South

Mykonos Harbor