Image of painting

A painting by completed on June 14, 2013

Our last day in Juneau, I headed "out the road" - which means North of Mendenhall Glacier - to a beautiful state park where two glacier rivers join the sea. Except for the park ranger, I was the only one there which made for a peaceful morning. I recognized the lupine, and asked the ranger the names of the yellow and magenta flowers. "Darn," he said, "I know these flowers but as soon as you asked me I forgot their names!" Since that happens to me all the time, we agreed that I would just title this Eagle Creek Wild Flowers. Painting under a grove of evergreen trees added some deep shadows in the foreground but I'm not as happy with the results - I'll revisit this in the studio.

Eagle Creek State Recreation, Juneau, Alaska, USA, N58.5271835, W-134.8180542

Plein Air Field Study, Oil on Linen/Gatorboard, 16" x 12"