Image of painting

A painting by completed on May 16, 2013

The Skeena River is the second longest river in BC and is an important transportation artery, particularly for the Tsimshian and the Gitxsanwhose names mean "inside the Skeena River" and "people of the Skeena River" respectively. Wednesday, we drove the 60km from Terrace to Prince Rupert in the rain. It is a spectacular drive, but was so socked in we couldn't see the mountains. Thursday afternoon, with a break in the weather, I drove back about 20 miles and painted this scene at a small pull out. A light rain developed, so I backed my car up to the easel and used the back hatch as my umbrella. It worked great!

Yellowhead Highway 16, Aberdeen Point, Port Edward, British Columbia, Canada, N54.2232819, W-129.8913574

Plein Air Field Study, Oil on Linen/Baltic Birch, 16" x 8"